This is Halloween ComicFest


Saturday November 19th  

Local Comic Shop Day is this Saturday, and what does this mean? Well LCSD is a newer event than any of the others, but the basic idea is that we have special release items such as Doctor Strange: The Oath HC LCSD Exclusive. With extras such as the original series pitch, sketchbook, Strange Tales #110 and more.

Not content to just have "a few extra items" for sale, we decided we would make everyone's Christmas very merry. So starting on LCSD we will be have a Pre Christmas Sale for 2 weeks!

This isn't just one of your boring normal sales though. We will have MEGA savings storewide. So mega I just wrote it in caps!

ALL COMICS, meaning anything that is not "New Release", aside in your pull box, or "Collectable/Variant" comics, will be just two dollars each...$2 per comic!!!

MANGA, again not including any "New Release" titles will be a staggering $12 each!

GRAPHIC NOVELS will be put into two categories. Paperbacks which will be $15 each, and Hardcovers which will be $20 each. This only includes the standard (six issue) sized Hardcovers, not the larger ones. The larger Hardcovers will be included in the sale, but they will be prices as marked, which will still be at an incredible discount.

STATUES will be discounted by 20% All but a select few "new releases" will be included in this discount.

EVERYTHING ELSE on the floor will be discounted up to a massive 40%!!

This really is going to be a very jolly Pre Christmas sale, that you just cannot afford to miss. This sale will only go for two weeks, Saturday 19th November - Saturday 3rd December 2016. After that all prices and remaining stock goes back up to normal pricing.