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50 cent FEBRUARY 28th Jan
Wednesday February 1st - 28th  

Fifty cent February is the sale you have been waiting for.

The entire month of February we will be selling every single back issue comic for only 50 cents! Now this may seem absolutely crazy to you, and you know what, you would be right. This is so far below cost we are losing a minimum of a dollar on every single sale, but there had to be a reason there used to be a straight jacket hanging in the corner right?

So, what are the rules? It is pretty simple actually. We will have four tables around the shop floor with long boxes on them, and every single issue in those boxes will be 50 cents each. The large "Back Issues" box that is located near the back of the store will also be 50 cents each, and so too will the $1 box located beside the counter. The only comics within the four walls of the store that will not be discounted are the ones on the walls. This includes the New This Week shelves, the Publisher wall, Pull Boxes, and the Variant/Collectable comics.

This sale is only on Back Issue comics. This means you will not be getting any DC Rebirth titles or Civil War II comics cheap, it also does not include any other items like Graphic Novels or Manga. This sale is solely on Back Issue comics, but that doesn't mean you won't be getting some awesome comics. These "Back Issues" include everything up to the beginning of Rebirth (even including New Super Man), Deadpool, Batman, X-Men...all of the hottest titles!

So mark your calendars, set your alarms, make sure your credit card has money on it, and come to the biggest back issue sale you will ever see! FIFTY CENT FEBRUARY IS COMING!!!